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"Casual sleeves are the order of the day at Stigler's household..." - this is how an article about Stigler GmbH began a few years ago. And that's the way it should be. When necessary, we all roll up our sleeves to ensure that your product is ready at the right time and in the best quality.

From a modest paper die-cutting operation, Stigler GmbH has swiftly evolved into a sought-after print finisher, boasting a team of approximately 15 employees and a versatile array of machinery.

Michael Stigler, a master in both craftsmanship and industrial printing, remains actively involved in technology, unwaveringly focusing on delivering the finest quality. He is supported by a master bookbinder and other well-trained personnel in the areas of laser technology and post-processing.

Increasingly, more clients are entrusting the expertise of our professionals, entrusting the entire production of their print products into our capable hands.

Our portfolio spans from traditional punching, embossing, and creasing to hot foiling and contour punching, culminating in the latest laser technology. Additionally, we now offer cross-industry solutions for precision cutting of various materials.

The aim of our work is always the optimally processed product and the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this through a dedicated and well-trained team, along with an innovative machinery fleet. The successful and trustful collaboration with our customers is built on reliability, honesty, a collaborative approach, and our passion for paper.

Through our partner network, we fulfill nearly all customer desires. We collaborate with selected suppliers who share our views on quality and reliability. Contact us. We enhance and coordinate your project.




Customer Protection and Confidentiality

Customer protection is a matter of course for us. We handle sensitive confidentiality orders according to specially developed security standards.
You can always trust in our confidentiality. All our employees are appropriately trained and contractually obligated to maintain confidentiality. Naturally, we can enter into confidentiality agreements in advance of any collaboration.

This ensures that your order is always in the best hands with us.


Reservation of Withdrawal
We do not produce products that violate ethical standards or legal regulations.
This particularly applies to products with anti-Semitic, extremist, glorification of violence, youth-endangering, politically incorrect, radicalizing, racist, terrorist, or defamatory content.

Because resources are finite

Protecting the Environment, Reducing Emissions, and Operating Sustainably

In recent years, at Stigler, we have implemented various measures to make our operations more environmentally friendly. For example, we have developed and implemented an additional concept for air purification. Our new filter systems for the air purification of our laser cutters have been operational since 2021. Another project involves the implementation of fresh air supply for our laser systems, supporting us in saving heating energy.

Moreover, in our daily work routine, we prioritize sustainability. To conserve resources, we reuse packaging material either in its original condition or after appropriate treatment. When acquiring packaging materials, we ensure that they are made from recycled or sustainable materials. For instance, we exclusively use unbleached packing paper for our packages, repurpose kraft paper as wrapping paper, utilize damaged cardboard as pallet covers, and more. We meticulously separate waste into various recyclable categories, contributing significantly to the recycling loop.

Driven by the belief that unused materials should not be discarded, we preserve leftover materials for various projects. For instance, this approach led to the creation of the charity card "Peace Dove" for the online shop ts-karten.de. Additionally, children in kindergartens and primary schools regularly benefit from new materials for crafting and learning.

Help is in need

Social Engagement

As a family and as a company, we support various social projects and aid organizations. 

We have a special commitment to the Elterninitiative Intern 3 e.V. and the Verein Lichtblick Seniorenhilfe e.V..

Additionally, we provide financial support to organizations such as Aktion Deutschland hilft, SOS Children's Villages, Bavarian Red Cross, the Malteser Hilfsdienst, Johanniter, and the Arbeiter Samariterbund.

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