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The Stigler GmbH specializes in laser finishing, punching, embossing, contour punching on the finished product, and folding cardboard. Through our partner network, we offer nearly the entire spectrum of print finishing, print enhancement, and book enhancement, allowing us to cater to almost all your needs and requirements.

Especially in the interaction of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, incredible possibilities lie in print finishing, print enhancement, and book enhancement. In our machinery, alongside the classic book printing machine from the 1950s and 1960s, you will find highly modern machines for laser cutting, laser punching, and laser engraving. The diversity of techniques and materials, combined with various processes, provides creatives and technicians with new ideas and inspirations.

Cross-industry solutions
As a supplier to industry, crafts, and trade, we manufacture precise and often very complex cuts from various materials. The applications of these cuts range from individual shop window decorations to special inserts for packaging and mass-produced textile cuts for technical specialty products. Our customers can rely on our active input in product development and later in production optimization. Confidentiality and secrecy are, of course, a given for our employees.




If you have visions in paper, ideas for a new product, a quality book, or an unconventional processing method, and you are seeking an economical production pathway or require technical advice and support for planning intricate and unique productions − then you have come to the right place! We assist you from conceptualization through prototype construction to production, ensuring optimal print finishing.

Long before the start of production, we collaborate with you. We develop, plan, and test materials and processing methods, posing questions and seeking answers – all for one goal: your product. Often, we tread unconventional paths and challenge norms, knowing that thinking outside the box opens new dimensions, especially in print finishing. For functionality and impact, we create product dummies and white samples.

We are delighted to provide personal consultation on our print finishing services and support you early in your next project. This allows us to harmonize all production steps and materials seamlessly.

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We are happy to assist you in realizing your idea or implementing a project.

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