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Services - From Product Development to Shipping

From the idea to series produktion

Product Development - Your Ideas Professionally Implemented

Do you have an idea for an innovative product and are looking for a competent partner to bring it to life?

We support you from the very beginning. Our experts provide guidance in product development, create prototypes and test series, conduct comprehensive quality controls, and collaborate with you to optimize production processes.
We also assist in material selection, systematically perform material tests, ensuring you can determine the optimal material for your product.
Our state-of-the-art machinery and the extensive experience of our staff enable us to handle large-scale production runs. We implement the necessary quality control mechanisms according to your specifications.

Manufacturing by the Expert

Contract Manufacturing

Are you looking to outsource individual manufacturing steps, seeking a partner for new production areas, or aiming to handle peak demand efficiently?

With our well-equipped machinery and an experienced team, we can adapt flexibly to your requirements. Whether it's custom pieces, special orders, small to medium runs, or large industrial productions, we consistently deliver high-quality results.


What benefits does outsourcing offer you?

Outsourcing is a powerful tool for cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and allows you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Effective Collaboration

Confidentiality and Customer Protection

Confidentiality and Customer Protection are fundamental principles for us. We have developed specific security standards for handling sensitive confidentiality assignments, which are contractually mandated for all employees. We are more than willing to establish an appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to commencing any collaboration.

This ensures that your project is always in the best hands with us.

Your material is stored with care.

Storage Service - Material Warehouse

We are pleased to store your raw materials with us, ensuring their immediate availability for withdrawals. This allows you to purchase larger quantities of materials, leading to cost savings, and also reduces transportation expenses.

We can also handle the storage of intermediate and finished products. It is often sensible and cost-effective to produce intermediate products in larger quantities and perform the individual final production only upon request. Overproduktion can be avoided in this way.

Die Cutting Dies and Embossing Dies Professionally Stored

Storage of Die Cutting Tools and Embossing Stamps

After production, we place die-cutting tools and embossing stamps into our systematic inventory, ensuring they are readily available for the next order.

Logistics and Shipping

Shipping Service

No matter how you want your goods to be shipped - whether on a pallet or in a package, to a specific address or to multiple destinations - we are happy to arrange the shipping for you. We pay attention to professional goods security and packaging and ship with selected partners.

Project Management and Fulfillment

The All-Inclusive Package

You have great ideas but simply don't have the time (or the inclination) to deal with all the surrounding details? Let's coordinate and determine what we can take off your plate.
We handle the storage of your materials, track consumption, initiate material orders, manufacture your products, store them until needed, ensure timely delivery, and much more...

In short - we take care of your project, seamlessly and reliably.

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