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Laser Refinement

What do we need?

Suitable File Formats for Laser Processing

When it comes to laser refinement, we distinguish between Laser-Cut and Laser Engraving. The latter is further divided into Vector Engraving and Raster Engraving.

For Laser-Cut and Vector Engravings, we require all contours to be simple and vectorized. It is also crucial that all included fonts are converted to vectors. We prefer working with EPS files, but PDF or DXF files are also acceptable. Vector Engraving, for example, is suitable for lettering or logos without color gradients.

For Raster Engraving, used for engraving photos, we need an image in black/white or grayscale. Formats such as JPG, TIFF, and BMP are possible here. It's essential that the images are in the correct size since post-scaling is not lossless.

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