Präzise Zuschnitte - Naturmaterialien (Englisch)

Precision Cuts from Wood

and Other Natural Materials

Wooden laser cuts

Cuttings for Creative Design and Decoration


Tassenuntersetzer aus Walnussholz gelasert mit Namensgravur
Engel aus Pappelsperholz gelasert

Durable and High-Quality, Artistic and Individual

Wood is a wonderful natural material that holds infinite possibilities. Laser processing enables the quick and uncomplicated realization of many ideas. Personalized promotional gifts, individual table decorations for family celebrations and other events, lampshades, wall art, and other artworks - let your imagination run wild!




Natural Materials and Laser - a Versatile Interplay

Aside from wood, other natural materials can also be processed with the laser. Your ideas take shape in a fascinating way.

Small works of art can emerge when images are laser-etched onto large plant leaves. The thus enhanced and personalized leaves can add an extraordinary and exclusive touch, for example, as name cards for a large table or convey your message in a unique manner when integrated into storefront decorations.

Appealing and practical everyday companions can be crafted from cork. Cut into shapes, it becomes eye-catching coasters for glasses, cups, and pots on the dining table.

Leather can also be both cut and engraved with the laser. Belts and bracelets with individual contours or personal engravings, a name engraved on an elegant handbag - so much is possible.

Do you want to see your ideas come to life? Contact us - perhaps there's an opportunity for a workshop or a small demonstration.


Can all parts of plants be laser-cut?

This cannot be answered universally. Natural materials vary so much that we always conduct preliminary tests. We have had positive experiences with plant leaves.


Can natural materials be personalized?

Personalization is possible and is frequently used, for example, for wooden name cards or personalized gifts. Typically, names are engraved.


Is personalization also possible through laser cutting?

In principle, it is possible to implement personalization with laser cutting, but it is generally a bit more complex. The chosen font must be selected accordingly. We are happy to advise you on this.

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